1. Training and Development:    Our company undertakes exclusive and comprehensive training and development in various fields. The training and development module is designed, to create a difference in approach of the people and mind set by incorporating practical experiences. This is done within our premises and in different companies as per the requirement of the company concerned.

2. Academic audit: Analyse educational institutes through student and teacher pedagogical approaches. Analysis is based on parameters essential for academic and skills related to brain development activities. A detailed report related to the academic audit will be issued. We issue certificates along with the score and grading of the institutes.

3. Interior designing of offices:  Exclusive, eco-friendly, well organised space utilization and multi -tasking units for our clients.

4. Environmental audit: We conduct audits for any unit with comprehensive audit checklist.  A detailed report is followed with solution to make any unit eco- friendly. A certification is issued from our side along with the ratings.

5. Counselling:  Our world has seen many changes in human behaviour since its origin, due to varied reasons. In current scenario with life style changes, there is a need to understand the behavioural changes and find remedy to it. We with our team of experts are helping people through counselling and guidance to live a happy and positive life. We conduct seminars and events in various schools, institutes companies, small units, and many to add on to bring a happy change in society.

6. Zero wastage Infrastructure planning: Our environment deserves the best and we being part of it we have much to offer to save it from destruction. Believing in the concept of environment first, we are here to do planning for your home space, office space, school, Marketing complexes, play zones, etc. with the thought of zero wastage infrastructure planning. We are here to utilize the natural potential to give the best without harming or damaging the environment and lessen the budget in overall consumption.